Ever Heard of a Blog Book Tour?

If not, don’t feel lonely. Until about three weeks ago, I hadn’t either.

But one day Teresa Slack, a fellow published author that I know, invited me to take part in a blog tour to promote her upcoming Christian novel, Evidence of Grace. I promised to do it if she would walk me through it in baby steps.

Caution:  Skipping or running through a blog tour could cause you to stumble, fall or rub blisters on your heels and miss seeing interesting stuff. But if baby steps slow you down too much, try ambling, strolling or simply taking plenty of rest stops along the way.  You could even carry along a lunch and snack along the way. 

My name is Molly Noble Bull, and Teresa’s blog tour begins at my blog site on May 14th, www.shoutlife.com/mollynoblebull  

On May 14th, I will be interviewing Teresa, and we will be discussing her newest book, Evidence of Grace. During the interview, she will tell us where she plans to go on the next leg of her book tour and give us the blog and/or web addresses of all those taking part in the tour. 

As we follow Teresa from blog to blog, we will visit the web sites of other published authors as well as book reviewers, and at each stop, someone will interview Teresa. If you see an author or a book that interests you at any of these locations, stop and browse a while before moving on. There’s really no hurry. So look around. Take all the time you want. 

And while you’re at my blog site at Shout life, check out my books as well. The Winter Pearl, my long Steeple Hill historical, can be ordered either in the trade or mass market paperback versions from Barnes and Noble, Borders, Parable, Christian Book.com, Christian Book Previews.com, Amazon and book stores everywhere. The Winter Pearl can also be ordered from my website. www.mollynoblebull.com. 

By the way, Tsaba House will publish Sanctuary, my upcoming long historical novel about the Huguenots, in trade paperback in September 2007.

News Flash: Sanctuary can be preordered from Amazon right now. www.amazon.com.

At Amazon, just write Molly Noble Bull in the search slot and click. When you do, you’ll see all my books listed, including Sanctuary. 

So, now that you know what a blog book tour is, you have no excuse for not stopping by. We’ll leave a light on for ya.  




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