Through My Husband’s Eyes

My new friend at, Terri Gillespie, told in her current blog how the Lord taught her to see through her husband’s eyes instead of just her own. That got me to thinking. Was I seeing things through my husband’s eyes? Or did I wear blinders where his likes and dislikes were concerned?

My husband likes cactus and has different kinds of cacti all over our yard. I honestly don’t like cactus. To me, they are thorny and prickly, and when I try to rake leaves around them, I either get scratched or become a human pincushion.

But do you know what? The Lord made every single one of those thorny plants. He made my husband, too. 

Thanks to the Lord via Terri, I’m going to spend more time learning to like what he likes–even thorns and prickly pear. In the same way, I plan to spend more time reading my Bible in order to learn what my Lord and Savior likes. Isn’t that what being a Christian wife is all about? 





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2 responses to “Through My Husband’s Eyes

  1. Sigh.

    And we think we know everything . . . :o)

    Love your heart, Molly.


  2. Molly, love that cactus blog! And how true. I get so used to liking what I like that sometimes I wonder if I’m immune to other people’s wants and desires and likes. Help me, Lord! Thks for the post & your emails.

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