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This past Saturday I was the guest speaker at The Word Talks book discussion group in Norman, OK to discuss my book A Tender Reed. Few writers will pass up an opportunity to explain the inspiration behind a book to readers who loved it. I am no exception. I love talking about the creative process, my journey to publication, and of course, my books.

They asked me typical questions like how I came up with the title–from the first line in The Rose: Some say love, it is a river that drowns the tender reed–why I dedicated it to my dog, and if any of my characters are based on real people. They also asked some atypical questions that put me on the spot like: How have you changed with the writing of this book?

Then these wonderful ladies did something a little different. They took turns telling me how A Tender Reed touched them on a personal level. Nothing is more gratifying for a writer. We spend our days, months, and years pounding away on our keyboards in virtual anonymity wondering if anyone will ever read our words. Asking ourselves the same question over and over again: Do I have anything relevant to say that hasn’t already been said by someone more qualified than me to say it?

I believe every person on this planet was put here for a reason. I also believe God gave me the gift of stringing words together in a loosely cohesive manner to tell a story. In the last few years I have come to see that every day we use our gifts and talents to glorify ourselves or glorify God. What a blessing to know my writing has ministered to a small group of women in Oklahoma. There is no greater accolade than to know that the message on this writer’s heart ministered to another.

Whatever your ministry, whatever gift the Lord has given you, whatever unique perspective on seeing Creation’s beauty, use it to edify others and uplift Jesus. There is no greater calling on any of our lives. slack6-small.JPG

Have a blessed week,
Teresa Slack


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The Day God Walked Me Home From School

When I was in the second or third grade, a child molester attempted to capture me as I walked home from school. My true story is part of an anthology, Scripture to Live By by Arron Chambers, and is being published this month.  If you have always wondered how a child felt, knowing he or she was about to be abducted, please read “The Day God Walked Me Home From School.”  

My current long historical novel, The Winter Pearl, is available in stores now. Another long historical, Sanctuary, will be published by Tsaba House in September 2007. 

Molly Noble Bull, http://www.mollynoblebull.com

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