My long historical, The Winter Pearl, is coming out today in mass market paperback from Steeple Hill, and it should be available in just a few days at Barnes and Noble, Borders, Wal Mart and a lot of other places.  But as most of you know, a mass market paperback novel has a short shelf life. Around the first of March, The Winter Pearl will be removed from shelves to make room for newer novels.  However, it  can still be ordered from book stores and from Amazon.  

Please continue reading. Two book reviews come next. Then Christopher Hopper will tell you about an exciting contest you can enter.  


Molly Noble Bull     



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2 responses to “Announcing!

  1. baddogmooney

    Congratulations, Walmart too! That must mean your book is doing well. Don’t they have a minimum sold before they will carry it? I will have to see if ours is carrying it. I’ll let you know.

    – mooney

  2. Dear Mooney,
    Thanks for the great comment. Please visit my website to learn more about The Winter Pearl and my upcoming Tsaba House novel, Sanctuary — September 2007.
    Molly Noble Bull

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