Beauty for Ashes

Since I write mostly historical novels with a touch of romance, nobody should be surprised that I also enjoy reading them. Recently, I finished Beauty for Ashes by Dorothy Clark, a wonderful historical from Steeple Hill with an inspiring Christian message. I couldn’t put it down.  

Beauty for Ashes is the story of Elizabeth Frazier, a young woman who flees her stately home in New York City to prevent an arranged marriage to an evil brute of a man. Though Elizabeth had prayed that God would provide her with a means of escape, she never realized that He had a hand in helping her take the place of another young woman. The girl had promised to marry Justin Randolph, a rich and handsome but broken young man that she had never even met, but she missed their first meeting. Unknown to Justin, Elizabeth stepped in at the last minute and took her place.

The marriage of convenience between Elizabeth and Justin joined them in wedlock on the very day she ran away from home–two attractive and wounded people who had lost the ability to trust and to love. The marriage seemed doomed.

But the Lord had another solution.  Pride prevented them from seeing God’s plan–until beauty replaced ashes. And fear was drowned in love.

Buy this one, folks. It’s a keeper. 

Molly Noble Bull


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3 responses to “Beauty for Ashes

  1. Very nice review – very crisp, to the point, and doesn’t give away key plot elements. The only comment I would make – and this is just my preference as a reader – is to add some notations about strengths/weaknesses of the novel: narrative voice, characterization, dialogue, etc.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of reviewing – ’tis a strange, interesting place!

  2. This review tells me immediately that this is a book I will enjoy, as I love marriage of convenience plots. The idea of two wounded hearts is also an attention-grabber for me. As a long-time romance reader, certain plot points and descriptions speak loudly to me. This particular review punches several of my buttons, which means I’ll probably buy this book so I can find out how love triumphs in the end.

  3. That’s really cool- I searched for my name and your blog came up (my name is Elizabeth Frazier) Now I think I’ll find and read that book- it sounds great

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