CONTEST: Be a Character In Book III of The White Lion Chronicles!

Dear Reading Fans of Dionia,

I am so excited to announce the very first of many contests for 2007. And this one is certainly a rockin’ way to kick things off, even if I do say so myself! With enthusiastic permission from my publisher, Tsaba House, I will be writing a small part in Book III based entirely off the characteristics of one of my talented readers. And it could be you!

Applicants of any age are eligible and there is no purchase necessary to enter (accept that maybe you own one of my books!).

Here’s the mission:

We are looking for the best review on the web of Rise of The Dibor. That’s right, this is a test of talent, creativity, and genuine heartfelt love for Dionia.

To be eligible, you need to, 1.) post a review of Rise of The Dibor under the product as listed on*, and then, 2.) paste the same review here on the Tsaba House Authors Blog* under this post.

(*Please Note: you’ll need to be a registered user and a registered WordPress user. Signing up for both is free, and you don’t ever need use either service, just get a user name to post. Only one review per e-mail address/user name is permitted, so make sure it’s good! If you have previously posted on either site before January 1st 2007, you may still enter again).

The Tsaba House Authors will review each submission and then pick what they feel are the top three posts submitted. Their criteria for judging will include: general knowledge of the book, descriptive clarity, ingenuity, and creativity, the positive light in which the book is portrayed, writing style, and effectively communicating your points.

The first place winner will be called by phone for an interview by me personally, the information gathered being used for a character role as decided upon by myself and Tsaba House in Book III, due out June of 2008, an autographed first edition of the final work, and a rare autographed Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) of Book II (released nationwide June 2007); the second place winner will receive an autographed ARC of Book II; and the third place winner will receive an autographed poster.

Your character will receive an original Dionian name and be based off of your persona to the best of my ability.**

Reviews must be posted on and by midnight Saturday, February 10th 2007. Winners will be decided and announced on Tuesday, Febrary 13th 2007. All winning contestants will be notified by the e-mail address used to post their reviews on If the winning contestants do not respond within 24 hours, their prize will pass to the next available winner.

So, there it is! You now have three weeks to write the best review you can muster up, post it to both websites, and then sit back and let your creative genius win our beloved judging authors over. Remember you must post the review to both and to be eligible.

I look forward to reading your reviews! Happy writing!

(PS – Try passing this on to your friends…unless you’re afraid of the competition!)

– – –

**Legal Notice: The author and publishing company reserve the right for the final presentation and use of the winning character role; no monies or royalties, mechanical or otherwise, will be awarded to the winner. By posting reviews as prescribed above, each participant hereby agrees to these conditions and any other that the author and publisher wish to set forth and enforce at any time.


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17 responses to “CONTEST: Be a Character In Book III of The White Lion Chronicles!

  1. baddogmooney

    Wow! I’ll pass this along. I’m not sure I can enter this one Mr. Hopper, let me know.

    – mooney

  2. Christopher Losinger

    Hey this book was inspiring it made me feel like there is a place like this in heaven Luke is brave in this book i pray that the “forgive the spelling” “darnieh-Rah” get killed or defeted because it would mean this christions will overcome the devil in our mission. May God be the allmighty one in this world he is giving us all a chance and that is awsome.

  3. A book written with a genuine heart and honest creativity. That is how I would first and foremost describe Christopher Hopper’s first book in the White Lion Chronicles, appropriately named “Rise of the Dibor.” When I first began to read this book, I admit to having thought I would quickly tire of all the strange names, similar to those in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. However, as I pressed my mind deeper into the land of Dionia, I found myself intrigued by this incredible story. As I reached Chapter 4, I was sincerely touched by the love Luik receives from King Ragnar. This act of kindness was more than just words on a page to me; it was as if I could feel that love and was the one receiving it. This part was very successfully put into words by the author. From that point on, I was hooked; there was no turning back for me now. I realized this book, though in many ways alike to Lord of the Rings, was also going to be quite different.

    Later in the book, I was able to feel Anorra’s frustration on the mountain as she climbed blindfolded, then the relief on her shoulders as she concluded her mission. In Chapter 13 when the Dibor (though not yet referred to as such) raced with their dolphins for a shell hidden beneath the ocean’s surface, the excitement of the challenge surged through me. I laughed with Luik as his clever thinking successfully won out, and groaned with the others as they took the loss with a learning mind.

    Yet useful life lessons can be learned in “Rise of the Dibor.” Luik learns in Chapter 13 that his fears can overrule healing that needs to take place in his life. His wise teacher, Gorn, speaks many words of wisdom to his young ‘boralees’ throughout a good portion of the book, my favorite being: “There is more to a man that can die than just his body; there is more that can kill man than just his outward enemies…” spoken in Chapter 8.

    I continuously became concerned for the characters as they embarked on each new and dangerous adventure, hoping the best outcome for each and every one. Unlike my first worry when I first began the book, I quickly caught on to most of the pronunciations of the names and places and my reading became quite enjoyable. Not all books of this genre are considerate enough to include the proper pronunciations at the bottom of the pages! I found myself coming back again and again to the land of Dionia, unable to leave the book at rest for very long. My only regret is that I left this book sitting an entire month before starting it after I received it as a gift!

    In conclusion, I wholeheartedly admit to looking forward to the second book in the White Lion Chronicles. The final chapter of “Rise of the Dibor” left many questions in my mind that can only be answered by continuing my journey with Luik, Anorra, Fane, and the many other characters I have come to love.

    Amazing job, Chris. 🙂

  4. Abel J. Larkin

    As a child I read the Chronicles of Narnia more times than I can count. As a teen I devoted my time to the writings of Tolkien, wondering at the adventures of Frodo, wishing I could be Aragorn. Again, as an adult I spend my time reading the Chronicles and Tolkiens work, still wondering what it would be like to live as a warrior. I find myself dreaming, day and night, of going steel to steel with the forces of evil, my life an epic battle of good and evil.

    Unfortunately, Lewis and Tolkien shall write no more, and I believed that my vicarious living through adventurous men is over, or at the very least, doomed to relive the same stories in endless repetition. Yet when I received a late birthday gift from my mother, a new book, following in the footsteps of the writers whose work I so eagerly consumed, I found a renewed hope for my imagination.

    It is not in vain that I seek this type of adventure. I know that life as a Christian is a life of warfare, and no one since Lewis has so genuinely captured the fight against temptation as Hopper. In one chapter, I became as captivated as I ever was, reading a story that I so longed to see as my own. By chapter 2, the story had become my own, and inner struggle of growing up in a changing world, fighting temptation, and wondering where all the heroes were.

    Hopper knows how to pull his readers into the story, and for someone who has read Lewis and Tolkien religiously, I can say, he knows how to assimilate reality to the fantasy world he has so artistically created. I look forward with great anticipation to the release of his next book, and can hardly wait to see the further unfolding of Luik’s story, which is so like what I wish mine was.

  5. Abel: Great post my friend! Thank you for the kind words.

    Mandee: You as well!

    I’m honored to have such noble readers.


  6. Hannah Hayner

    Imagine a world apart from ours that has never felt pain, seen death or felt fear – until evil comes after this untouched world with unrelenting force and threatens its very existence.

    Local author Christopher Hopper takes readers to this world in his book, “Rise of the Dibor,” a young adult fiction fantasy book.

    The suspense starts right from the first chapter, which paints a picture of a powerful warrior, his surroundings and the mysterious stranger who stepped into his path. The ending leaves readers wondering what would happen next.
    In subsequent chapters, subtle signs become drastic warnings that a powerful force is coming against the peaceful world of Dionia. People start feeling pain for the first time, animals start to turn against their masters and vibrant plants start to wither. Royal sons train for impending battle, as the evil Morgui plans schemes of destruction.
    Warning: This book may make readers dream and think! They may start dreaming about this other world that is full of peace and beauty, where Adam and Eve did not take a bite of the apple, and pain and strife never entered the world. They will wonder whether evil would try to make a comeback to a world that resisted it the first time.

    In the book, “good” and “bad” characters strive for victory using strategic battles of the mind, emotions and spirit, in addition to physical violence. Warriors are trained to “command the natural and discern the supernatural.”

    It is a saga of good versus evil, but in a new and different realm, taking its readers into places most imaginations have never even thought to enter.

  7. Thanks Hannah! Awesome review! Thank you!



  8. Contest Winner!

    It’s with extreme pleasure that I announce the winners of the “Be A Character” contest! There was a complete split decision of all the judges (for 1st, 2nd and 3rd!), so we brought in a tie-breaker judge at the last minute.

    So without further ado:

    1st Place – Abel J. Larkin
    2nd Place – Mandee W.
    3rd Place – Christopher Losinger

    Abel wins the character role for Book III, due out June of 2008, an autographed first edition of the final work, as well as a rare autographed Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) of Book II, The Lion Vrie (released nationwide June 2007); Mandee will receive an autographed ARC of Book II; and Christopher will receive an autographed poster.

    Thanks to all those who participated! Please stay tuned for the next great contest for The White Lion Chronicles!


  9. We also need Abel, Mandee, and Christopher to write us back with their e-mails as they linked none with their posts.

    Please write to:


    Thank you!


  10. Karla

    Is the third book out yet? I’ve been looking for it with no luck 😦 I really REALLY want to know what happens it’s gotten so good!

  11. Annie

    The white lion chronicles rox! I own the books! I have had them for 10 years and have read a book by ch every other month! it is my FAVORITE SERIES EVER!(coz ch is my favorite author 😉 🙂 – wtb is next then c s lewis) CotSK is my second favorite book and the door within is my third – but this beats all! i always end my letters with “Endurance and victory’ — not that anyone knows what it means! 🙂 I have a sign on my door saying “Endurance and victory!” I even made tons of posters from the book. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)…

    Endurance and Victory! GO CH! GO CHB!(my FAVORITE band! :))

  12. Annie

    I already entered for the next contest! 🙂

  13. Naoma Hayes

    how do I enter the contest for 2010?

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