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I was going to post a review on a book I read recently that I simply couldn’t put down. It was fascinating, infuriating, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I was through. The author accomplished exactly what a writer wants to accomplish. So why am I not posting a review for his book…It was written by John Grisham, someone who does not need me to take up space on my blog to promote. I’d rather promote lesser know writers who could use the online marketing to make you aware of their work. Believe me, there are plenty of those writers out there, of which I am one.

Side note: The aforementioned book is The Innocent Man, definitely worth your reading time. After you’ve read it, let me know if it affected you the same way it did me.

Now on with this week’s review of Admission by Travis Thrasher.

I always enjoy books where unsolved mysteries come back to haunt the hero, so Admission captured my imagination right away. Jake Rivers isn’t your typical Christian fiction hero. Recently born again, Jake still struggles with his past, alcohol use, and a cadre of old friends with even more problems and secrets.

At the small Bible college he attended, Jake and his friends didn’t exactly mesh with the rest of the student body. They would rather party and chase girls in local clubs than worry if the lacrosse team was having a winning season. During his last semester, it seemed everything Jake had worked for was within reach. He had found romance and the job of his dreams was his for the taking. Then something unspeakable happens and the lives of Jake and his friends are changed forever.

Fast forward eleven years. Things haven’t exactly worked out for Jake the way he planned in school. And the secret of that fateful weekend just won’t leave him alone.

The hardest part for the reader in reading a book that jumps back and forth from present day to Jake’s last college semester is sometimes getting lost in past and present. The author handles this dilemma without missing a beat. I am giving Admission four stars. Excellent character portrayals by Mr. Thrasher helped me understand Jake, even if I didn’t always like him or agree with his choices. I wish the author would’ve expounded on what happened to Jake and his friends during their last camping trip a little more. I was left with a few unanswered questions. But then, I’m nosy and don’t want any details left to my imagination.

Admission by Travis Thrasher is a little out of the box for the typical Christian fiction I usually read, and possibly you too, but I recommend you give it a try.

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