Autor News – From Molly

Molly’s Amazing Log blog:

As a Tsaba House Author, I have been trying to reach this blog for days. Now I have, but I’m not sure what I clicked to get here. This is not good. Before I disappear from this blog site forever, I would like to give y’all a few web addresses.

Molly’s Amazing Log blog address is Don’t have anything written there yet, but I will as soon as I learn more about the art of blogging. My website is Please visit my website, scroll down and click Molly’s Books. When you do, you will see the cover of my upcoming Tsaba House long historical novel, Sanctuary, about the Huguenots. I’ll give you a hint. My cover is beautiful.

If you click Molly’s Family, you can see what I look like. If you click Molly, you can read my testimony, and click Molly’s Notes to learn even more. Until next time.


Molly Noble Bull

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