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Beauty for Ashes

Since I write mostly historical novels with a touch of romance, nobody should be surprised that I also enjoy reading them. Recently, I finished Beauty for Ashes by Dorothy Clark, a wonderful historical from Steeple Hill with an inspiring Christian message. I couldn’t put it down.  

Beauty for Ashes is the story of Elizabeth Frazier, a young woman who flees her stately home in New York City to prevent an arranged marriage to an evil brute of a man. Though Elizabeth had prayed that God would provide her with a means of escape, she never realized that He had a hand in helping her take the place of another young woman. The girl had promised to marry Justin Randolph, a rich and handsome but broken young man that she had never even met, but she missed their first meeting. Unknown to Justin, Elizabeth stepped in at the last minute and took her place.

The marriage of convenience between Elizabeth and Justin joined them in wedlock on the very day she ran away from home–two attractive and wounded people who had lost the ability to trust and to love. The marriage seemed doomed.

But the Lord had another solution.  Pride prevented them from seeing God’s plan–until beauty replaced ashes. And fear was drowned in love.

Buy this one, folks. It’s a keeper. 

Molly Noble Bull


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The Only Best Place

This book review will conclude my January contest. Each person who posts a comment to the review will be entered to win an autographed ARC copy of my latest book, The Ultimate Guide to Darcy Carter, a contemorary romance. Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks for all you do to spread the word about the books. I always tell people the hardest part about writing for publication is letting the world know you wrote a book. I appreciate everything you do. If you want to learn more about me or my other books, visit my website

Now on to the review:
This week I have chosen The Only Best Place by Carolyne Aarsen, released Sept ’06 by Warner Faith.

Leslie Vandekeere has everything she ever wanted: a loving husband, two beautiful kids, an exciting career, all set amidst a fact-paced urban life. Suddenly the rug is pulled out from under her. Loving husband loses business when a crooked building contractor bilks him out of $90,000. Sidenote-husband may not be so loving. He may or may not have had a fling with biz associate.

So Leslie, two beautiful children, and possibly straying husband are forced to leave Seattle behind and return to his boyhood home, a family farm in Montana. Leslie has no idea what is expected from a farmer’s wife, and is pretty sure she’s not interested in finding out. As if dealing with dirty cows and monotonous chores isn’t bad enough, Leslie must deal with Dan’s extended, overbearing family of which she has never fit in.

Leslie resists farm life and overtures by family and neighbors with everything in her. Her only ally is her sister Terra whom she corresponds with through email. She wants to go back to work. She misses her fast-paced life. She doesn’t appreciate her mother-in-law holding the reins on her checkbook.

This book gets five stars from me. The reader empathizes with Leslie, but at the same time, realizes everything she truly wants may very well be hers for the taking. This book will be enjoyed by anyone who’s ever second-guessed her decisions, dealt with a pushy but good-hearted mother-in-law, or relied on chocolate when life got to be too much.

Don’t forget to post a comment. Hopefully I’ve given you several books to add to your reading list over the past month.

Teresa Slack


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CONTEST: Be a Character In Book III of The White Lion Chronicles!

Dear Reading Fans of Dionia,

I am so excited to announce the very first of many contests for 2007. And this one is certainly a rockin’ way to kick things off, even if I do say so myself! With enthusiastic permission from my publisher, Tsaba House, I will be writing a small part in Book III based entirely off the characteristics of one of my talented readers. And it could be you!

Applicants of any age are eligible and there is no purchase necessary to enter (accept that maybe you own one of my books!).

Here’s the mission:

We are looking for the best review on the web of Rise of The Dibor. That’s right, this is a test of talent, creativity, and genuine heartfelt love for Dionia.

To be eligible, you need to, 1.) post a review of Rise of The Dibor under the product as listed on*, and then, 2.) paste the same review here on the Tsaba House Authors Blog* under this post.

(*Please Note: you’ll need to be a registered user and a registered WordPress user. Signing up for both is free, and you don’t ever need use either service, just get a user name to post. Only one review per e-mail address/user name is permitted, so make sure it’s good! If you have previously posted on either site before January 1st 2007, you may still enter again).

The Tsaba House Authors will review each submission and then pick what they feel are the top three posts submitted. Their criteria for judging will include: general knowledge of the book, descriptive clarity, ingenuity, and creativity, the positive light in which the book is portrayed, writing style, and effectively communicating your points.

The first place winner will be called by phone for an interview by me personally, the information gathered being used for a character role as decided upon by myself and Tsaba House in Book III, due out June of 2008, an autographed first edition of the final work, and a rare autographed Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) of Book II (released nationwide June 2007); the second place winner will receive an autographed ARC of Book II; and the third place winner will receive an autographed poster.

Your character will receive an original Dionian name and be based off of your persona to the best of my ability.**

Reviews must be posted on and by midnight Saturday, February 10th 2007. Winners will be decided and announced on Tuesday, Febrary 13th 2007. All winning contestants will be notified by the e-mail address used to post their reviews on If the winning contestants do not respond within 24 hours, their prize will pass to the next available winner.

So, there it is! You now have three weeks to write the best review you can muster up, post it to both websites, and then sit back and let your creative genius win our beloved judging authors over. Remember you must post the review to both and to be eligible.

I look forward to reading your reviews! Happy writing!

(PS – Try passing this on to your friends…unless you’re afraid of the competition!)

– – –

**Legal Notice: The author and publishing company reserve the right for the final presentation and use of the winning character role; no monies or royalties, mechanical or otherwise, will be awarded to the winner. By posting reviews as prescribed above, each participant hereby agrees to these conditions and any other that the author and publisher wish to set forth and enforce at any time.


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I was going to post a review on a book I read recently that I simply couldn’t put down. It was fascinating, infuriating, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I was through. The author accomplished exactly what a writer wants to accomplish. So why am I not posting a review for his book…It was written by John Grisham, someone who does not need me to take up space on my blog to promote. I’d rather promote lesser know writers who could use the online marketing to make you aware of their work. Believe me, there are plenty of those writers out there, of which I am one.

Side note: The aforementioned book is The Innocent Man, definitely worth your reading time. After you’ve read it, let me know if it affected you the same way it did me.

Now on with this week’s review of Admission by Travis Thrasher.

I always enjoy books where unsolved mysteries come back to haunt the hero, so Admission captured my imagination right away. Jake Rivers isn’t your typical Christian fiction hero. Recently born again, Jake still struggles with his past, alcohol use, and a cadre of old friends with even more problems and secrets.

At the small Bible college he attended, Jake and his friends didn’t exactly mesh with the rest of the student body. They would rather party and chase girls in local clubs than worry if the lacrosse team was having a winning season. During his last semester, it seemed everything Jake had worked for was within reach. He had found romance and the job of his dreams was his for the taking. Then something unspeakable happens and the lives of Jake and his friends are changed forever.

Fast forward eleven years. Things haven’t exactly worked out for Jake the way he planned in school. And the secret of that fateful weekend just won’t leave him alone.

The hardest part for the reader in reading a book that jumps back and forth from present day to Jake’s last college semester is sometimes getting lost in past and present. The author handles this dilemma without missing a beat. I am giving Admission four stars. Excellent character portrayals by Mr. Thrasher helped me understand Jake, even if I didn’t always like him or agree with his choices. I wish the author would’ve expounded on what happened to Jake and his friends during their last camping trip a little more. I was left with a few unanswered questions. But then, I’m nosy and don’t want any details left to my imagination.

Admission by Travis Thrasher is a little out of the box for the typical Christian fiction I usually read, and possibly you too, but I recommend you give it a try.

Post a comment on this review or any of the previous reviews this month and you will be automatically entered to win an autographed ARC copy of my latest book, The Ultimate Guide to Darcy Carter. Can’t wait to hear from you.

Have a great week!
Teresa Slack


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I’m Backkkkkkk!

I’m not computer savvy, and I had a hard time getting to the new Tsaba House blogspot. The good news is that I am here — thanks to Christopher Hopper and of course, the Lord.
I hope everybody visits my website very soon to see the cover of my upcoming Tsaba House historical novel, Sanctuary. The cover is beautiful.
Go to Scroll down and click Molly’s books. You will be glad you did. If you click Molly, you can read my testimony, and if you click Molly’s Notes, you can learn even more.
If you visit my website, let me know. I would like your opinions.
Molly Noble Bull

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Autor News – From Molly

Molly’s Amazing Log blog:

As a Tsaba House Author, I have been trying to reach this blog for days. Now I have, but I’m not sure what I clicked to get here. This is not good. Before I disappear from this blog site forever, I would like to give y’all a few web addresses.

Molly’s Amazing Log blog address is Don’t have anything written there yet, but I will as soon as I learn more about the art of blogging. My website is Please visit my website, scroll down and click Molly’s Books. When you do, you will see the cover of my upcoming Tsaba House long historical novel, Sanctuary, about the Huguenots. I’ll give you a hint. My cover is beautiful.

If you click Molly’s Family, you can see what I look like. If you click Molly, you can read my testimony, and click Molly’s Notes to learn even more. Until next time.


Molly Noble Bull

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Murder 101

Welcome back, everyone. Thanks for all the comments I rec’d last week about T.D. Jakes’s book, Not Easily Broken. This week I’m reviewing a totally different type of book, Murder 101, a mystery by first time author, Maggie Barbieri.

The heroine of this whodunnit, Alison Bergeron is a quiet, unassuming  English professor at a small college on the banks of the Hudson River. Recently divorced and without a car since hers was stolen, the last thing Alison expects is to become the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

Alison isn’t your typical hip, overly confident amateur sleuth like the ones who populate most mysteries. She cries a lot, eats often, drinks plenty, and throws up when she’s nervous, which happens on a regular basis. The story is told in first-person so the reader gets to know Alison well. She isn’t aware of her own charm or dry sense of humor, which makes her all the more endearing.

I’m giving this book four and a half stars. A few scenes in the book seemed to happen just for the sake of humor or filling space, but even so they didn’t slow down the pace of the story. If you’re looking for a different voice in your typical whodunnit, Ms. Barbieri delivers. With plenty of romance and mystery, this book will make good use of your next snowy afternoon.

Please post a comment and let me know what you think. Each comment enters you in the drawing for an ARC of my latest book, The Ultimate Guide to Darcy Carter.    

Happy reading,                                                                            Teresa Slack


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It’s New!

…and improved? We think so! We’ve permanently moved the Tsaba House Author’s Blog here to WordPress. We hope you enjoy our new home. Please visit often, even subscribe to the RSS Feed link to keep the excitement coming to your desktop automatically. Thanks for bookmarking us!

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Not Easily Broken

Beginning this week, I will be posting a review here every Monday in January. Please read the review and post a comment. At the end of the month, I will choose the best comment and award the winner an autographed Advance Reading Copy of my latest book, The Ultimate Guide to Darcy Carter. You may post a comment on each book review, increasing your chances to win.

The first book I am reviewing is Not Easily BrokenOctober 2006, a fiction work by author and pastor, Bishop T.D. Jakes.

Enjoy the review. Let me know what you think. And don’t take my word for it. Read the book and decide for yourself. Remember, you must comment to enter the contest. Each person who enters will also have the opportunity to join my new readers’ club. More about that later.

Not Easily Broken–by T. D. Jakes

Clarice Johnson is beautiful, ambitious, and driven. Fiercely independent, she has no patience for an adoring husband who seemingly has no desire to become more than he is right now. Clarice’s husband Dave is a down to earth blue collar kind of guy who runs a successful janitorial service and coaches a little league team of underprivileged youth.

When the couple is involved in an automobile accident, Clarice becomes dependent on others for the first time in her life. She has been told by her mother since childhood that she must never put herself at the mercy of another–especially a man–because they will always let her down.

An attraction develops between Dave and Clarice’s physical therapist, Julie. As Clarice’s depression mounts, Dave turns to Julie, who reminds him what it’s like to be needed.

Dialog is not Bishop Jakes’s strong suit. There’s a lot of white space containing passages such as:
“Hi, how are you?”
“Fine, and you?”
“Good, good.” before finally getting down to business. Other conversations are cut off and stilted, which might’ve provided greater character insight. For instance during a counseling session, just as the conversation gets meaty, the author sums up the session and the characters schedule another.

The book sometimes reads like a carefully veiled sermon. Because of this and dialog that often bogs down the progression of the story, I am giving it 3 stars. I believe Not Easily Broken can and will minister to people who find themselves wondering if the grass is truly greener on the other side of the fence. Many marriages turn into a “What’s in this for me?” situation that leads to pain and frustration. I think all couples question their choices at one time or another and get too wrapped up in themselves to consider the needs of the other person in the relationship.

The author has obviously seen this too much in his years behind the pulpit and knows from where he’s writing. Fortunately he does not wrap up the couple’s problems in the end in a neat little package. Life seldom happens that way. My main complaint about the book is that I was too aware of the author during the course of the story. All in all, a good story that will stay with the reader for a long time.

Don’t forget to post a comment. If you’ve already read this title, let us know what you think. I will be choosing the best comment at the end of the month and awarding an ARC copy of my latest romance, The Ultimate Guide to Darcy Carter.

Go Bucks!!!
Teresa Slack

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