Looking Ahead to ’07

Okay folks, December is nearly over. Time to finish up the last of the cookies and the fudge (In Ohio we eat Buckeyes this time of year–not the ones off the trees. Does everyone know what those are?) take down the tree, turn off the Bowl games, and get back to work.

We haven’t heard a peep from many of the Tsaba House authors this month. I know you’re all busy with your ‘real’ jobs and the thousands of chores that come with this glorious time of year, but it’s time to hear from you again. I’ll kick it off with that eternal question: What’s in the works for 2007?

No, I don’t mean those plans to stop charging breakfast at McDonalds, quit smoking, get more exercise, drop ten pounds, and spend more time out of the office surrounded by family and loved ones. I’m talking writing related. So what have you got? I want everyone to chime in on this one.

Am I not the hard nose this morning?

I’ll go first to get you inspired. I am just finishing up my work in progress today. Yes, today. I’ll print it off and give to a reader whose opinion I truly value and distance myself from the project for a few weeks. During January I plan to outline and brainstorm for Book 4 in my Jenna’s Creek Series…something that should have been done already, but you know how it is. The first half of 2007 will be dedicated to Book 4. Immediately upon finishing Book 4, I will get into Book 5, the final installment of the series. That should take care of 2007. Somewhere in there I need to write a short novel to be included in a book with Molly Noble Bull, with whom I am looking forward to working. It depends on the needs of my publisher and editor if the novella takes precedence over Book 5, but we’ll work that out when the time comes.

Evidence of Grace, Book 3 in the Jenna’s Creek series is due out in June, ’07. That will mean another marketing push–book tours, signings, lectures, and library events. Marketing has a nasty habit of throwing a wrench in a writer’s writing schedule, but it is a necessary part of the game. It gives me a chance to get out from behind the computer and meet the readers I’m writing for. I can’t wait.

I have a busy year ahead of me and I’m sure you do as well. Enjoy the last three days of 2006 and let’s get psyched about ’07. Here’s wishing all a safe and happy New Year.


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  1. Teresa,
    I can’t wait to read the 3rd book in the Jenna’s Creek series.
    I love the others.

    Toni Holt, Waverly, Ohio

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