Where is Christmas?

The weather has been unseasonably warm here in Ohio with temps in the low 60’s for the past two weeks. I’m not complaining…I love it. But it doesn’t seem like Christmas when it’s too warm to wear my festive sweaters to holiday parties. Besides the weather I am getting in the spirit of things. The cards are sent, the packages wrapped and under the tree. Christmas bonuses are received and spent and the table is set and ready for guests, figuratively speaking.

The sermon in church this morning was Where is Your Christmas. It was about giving rather than receiving. Most of us in this country are incredibly blessed, we just don’t realize it sometimes. Few–if any–of us went to bed hungry last night. Most of us will have at least one gift under our tree. If not, it is by choice. Somebody somewhere loves us enough to send a card or Christmas greeting. But it’s easy to look inward at all the things we don’t have and think we need and start feeling sorry for ourselves.

I won’t use this post to count my blessings or remind you of yours. This is a writing blog so I’ll try to focus on that. The thing most of us lack the most is time. We have so much to do this month, it’s hard to find time or inspiration to focus on something as illusive as writing. I’m not getting as much work done this month as I had hoped and I think the rest of you are in the same boat. I comfort myself in knowing I have invitations and engagements and requests for cookies and movies to see with my grandchildren. If the writing falls by the wayside for another month, I don’t suppose it will matter.

As long as I’m not blatantly lazy, I won’t feel bad that other obligations have kept me from the computer. Life is short. Not to worry, dear reader…the book I am working on is definitely worth the wait.

Wishing all a wonderful and blessed Christmas holiday.

Teresa Slack

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