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Molly’s Writing Plans for 2007

Sancturay, my long historical about the Huguenots, is the first of three long historicals in the Faith of Our Fathers series from Tsaba House. It will be published in September 2007.
I am working on a short novel that I will be writing with Teresa Slack. It should be about 50,000 words and is titled Texas Tycoon. I like to have at least one book come out every year. So I am hoping Texas Tycoon will be published in 2008.
After Tycoon has been completed, I will start on my second novel in the Faith of Our Fathers series. No title yet. Then I will be working on a non-fiction book under contract with Tsaba House.
Wow! I’m exhausted already.
Besides all that, I will be buying groceries and cooking for my husband — who happens to be the father of our three grown sons.
So have a happy and busy new year everybody. I plan to do just that.

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Looking Ahead to ’07

Okay folks, December is nearly over. Time to finish up the last of the cookies and the fudge (In Ohio we eat Buckeyes this time of year–not the ones off the trees. Does everyone know what those are?) take down the tree, turn off the Bowl games, and get back to work.

We haven’t heard a peep from many of the Tsaba House authors this month. I know you’re all busy with your ‘real’ jobs and the thousands of chores that come with this glorious time of year, but it’s time to hear from you again. I’ll kick it off with that eternal question: What’s in the works for 2007?

No, I don’t mean those plans to stop charging breakfast at McDonalds, quit smoking, get more exercise, drop ten pounds, and spend more time out of the office surrounded by family and loved ones. I’m talking writing related. So what have you got? I want everyone to chime in on this one.

Am I not the hard nose this morning?

I’ll go first to get you inspired. I am just finishing up my work in progress today. Yes, today. I’ll print it off and give to a reader whose opinion I truly value and distance myself from the project for a few weeks. During January I plan to outline and brainstorm for Book 4 in my Jenna’s Creek Series…something that should have been done already, but you know how it is. The first half of 2007 will be dedicated to Book 4. Immediately upon finishing Book 4, I will get into Book 5, the final installment of the series. That should take care of 2007. Somewhere in there I need to write a short novel to be included in a book with Molly Noble Bull, with whom I am looking forward to working. It depends on the needs of my publisher and editor if the novella takes precedence over Book 5, but we’ll work that out when the time comes.

Evidence of Grace, Book 3 in the Jenna’s Creek series is due out in June, ’07. That will mean another marketing push–book tours, signings, lectures, and library events. Marketing has a nasty habit of throwing a wrench in a writer’s writing schedule, but it is a necessary part of the game. It gives me a chance to get out from behind the computer and meet the readers I’m writing for. I can’t wait.

I have a busy year ahead of me and I’m sure you do as well. Enjoy the last three days of 2006 and let’s get psyched about ’07. Here’s wishing all a safe and happy New Year.


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Tsaba House Authors

Tsaba House Authors

I haven’t visited the Tsaba House authors blog in a long time. My computer crashed, and I lost a lot of addresses and info. It’s great to be back.
I saw the cover of my upcoming Tsaba House novel, Sanctuary, and it is stunning. The colors are lovely. Can’t wait for everybody to see it.
Set in France in 1740, Sanctuary will be published in September 2007 and is the first of three long historicals in the Faith of Our Fathers series about the Huguenots.
May the Lord richly bless you and yours — now and in the years to come.
Molly Noble Bull

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Where is Christmas?

The weather has been unseasonably warm here in Ohio with temps in the low 60’s for the past two weeks. I’m not complaining…I love it. But it doesn’t seem like Christmas when it’s too warm to wear my festive sweaters to holiday parties. Besides the weather I am getting in the spirit of things. The cards are sent, the packages wrapped and under the tree. Christmas bonuses are received and spent and the table is set and ready for guests, figuratively speaking.

The sermon in church this morning was Where is Your Christmas. It was about giving rather than receiving. Most of us in this country are incredibly blessed, we just don’t realize it sometimes. Few–if any–of us went to bed hungry last night. Most of us will have at least one gift under our tree. If not, it is by choice. Somebody somewhere loves us enough to send a card or Christmas greeting. But it’s easy to look inward at all the things we don’t have and think we need and start feeling sorry for ourselves.

I won’t use this post to count my blessings or remind you of yours. This is a writing blog so I’ll try to focus on that. The thing most of us lack the most is time. We have so much to do this month, it’s hard to find time or inspiration to focus on something as illusive as writing. I’m not getting as much work done this month as I had hoped and I think the rest of you are in the same boat. I comfort myself in knowing I have invitations and engagements and requests for cookies and movies to see with my grandchildren. If the writing falls by the wayside for another month, I don’t suppose it will matter.

As long as I’m not blatantly lazy, I won’t feel bad that other obligations have kept me from the computer. Life is short. Not to worry, dear reader…the book I am working on is definitely worth the wait.

Wishing all a wonderful and blessed Christmas holiday.

Teresa Slack

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My Least Productive Month

Even though this picture has nothing to do with writing and it isn’t a good idea to post pictures of children on the Internet, I couldn’t resist sharing this one of my grandson enjoying his first birthday cake. To preserve his anonymity, I won’t tell you his name or where he’s from, but isn’t he gorgeous!?

Okay, enough proud Nana. Back to writer-mode and why December is my least productive month.

I think it’s safe to assume I’m not the only person in a creative field who finds it hard to focus on work during this busy time of year. Actually I begin to lose focus and concentration around Halloween. That’s when I start making shopping lists and thinking about menus for Thanksgiving, especially on those years when it’s my turn to hostess–this year’s a double whammy with hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas. Besides shopping and baking and cleaning and Christmas cards and newsletters and planning entertainment for my guests, I find myself caught up in the spirit of things. I enjoy the weather and carols and friends and all those added activities of the season. Writing and writing related activities fall to the bottom of my to do list.

I am determined this month will be different. But how to stay focused and actually accomplish something when all I want to do is go to parties, try new recipes, and watch old movies.

I am currently in the editing stages of my latest WIP. If I want to see this book published in the first half of 2008, I need to get it in the hands of my editor and my publisher in January. That’s the thing about writing that most non-writers don’t realize. The publishing schedule is usually at least a year ahead, even in the big New York houses. I have a reader who constantly asks me when she can expect my next book. She never likes my answers. In this case, the next book will be out June ’08. She told me she always thought a writer takes a few months to write a book, sends it in, and within a month or two, they have a book in their hands. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Consequently, my motivation for staying on course with this book throughout December is that I want to see it published in ’08. A goal that seems far reaching to those outside the publishing field, but realistic for those who understand how the system works.

Today is December 4th, 21 short days until Christmas Day. About eighteen days before I throw my hands in the air and forget about writing altogether and just relax and enjoy the holidays with my family. As of this moment, I am determined to work like a crazy woman until then. Who knows what tomorrow might bring…an invitation to another party, a Christmas card from someone I haven’t heard from in a long time who requires a long reply, trouble on my website that requires my immediate attention and takes me farther from my book.

Working for one’s self is a blessing in many ways, but it can equally be a curse. I make my own schedule which leaves plenty of room for fooling around and wasting a day without even realizing it. So back to work. We’ll see how things stand next week when I only have 14 days till Christmas and probably just as much work to do.

Peace and Love to All.
Teresa Slack

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