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The Fruit of Thanks may be Giving

I am truly blessed to be associated with the authors represented on this blog. No matter how secretly peculiar I may feel. No matter how different I believe I am from others. No matter how unique my own set of flaws are … I know all writers wrestle with their own minds to sit and write, to create, to organize the flow of ideas, to reconsider the details and the entire approach, and to sit down alone to crunch out a written product.
How strange that others private pursuits makes me feel a little less alone.
The Tsaba House authors, like many authors as expressed by Teresa, take inventory of their motives and investment of time. In reality, all humans are the authors of their lives and destinies. So to the ultra conscious the question becomes “Is my life the story I want it to be? Is it in compliance with God’s call?”
There are so many paths to take and this is particularly underscored by the revelation of the seemingly infinite number of paths of mere self-analysis to question without a choice of action. EeeeGads.
After the curse, God shortened lives from 900 ultimately to about 70 or 80. It is as though we barely have enough time to just decide whether or not we want to do right or pursue self-indulgence. No doubt, the leaning of our character is clear to God. Will we abandon good? Will we deepen our commitment to right? Are we saying good things and not practicing them?
Our walk trancends the grave in consequences. There is no need for anxiety although it seems unescapable.
My son is visiting from Afghanistan for a week or two in early December and then he returns to Afghanistan. 5 Halloweens ago, we took him for traditional trick or treating in Big Creek, CA. This last Halloween he lost 3 army buddies, among them his best friend. I cannot imagine the despair of his friend’s parents. I constantly avoid trying to imagine it.
I see the newspapers with world peace threatened in more corners than I can itemize. Civil war, crime, needless killing, entire regions bent on vengeance … I feel almost guilty for feeling so thankful that I am living safely removed from so much violence bearing down on so many good people who happen to live where they are.
I suppose I can show my thankfulness to God with a life that dissolves the darkness around me. Can I do that?
Ahh, the poetic aspirations of a writer whose character and flaws are as common as the rest of mankind. May our skyward aspirations to please God be launched by sincere integrity and practice.
God bless all and Happyness while you give and give as an expression of deep felt thanks .

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