Laugh Out Loud!

Ever participate in a web chat? I hadn’t until tonight. The Dancing Word Writers Network invited me to be an author guest for a chat workshop. I was quickly thrown into the world of “lol”, “:P”,”:-)” as well as many other symbols that I never even knew existed! By the way, if you’re chat challenged (like me), “lol” stands for laugh out loud. Honestly, I never knew that.

Anyhow, if you ever get the opportunity to participate in one, I would highly recommend it. There is a moderator who keeps track of who wants to ask a question and in what order they get to ask their questions. It was a friendly group with some thoughtful questions. The entire event lasted for about an hour. At the end, they had a drawing for an autographed copy of THE FOREIGNER. That was especially cool.

You can check out their website at They have also posted the chat transcripts from other authors of interest. Perhaps in a couple weeks they will post my chat transcript so you can see how bad my answers were!

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