by Samuel J Alibrando
Here is a quick “what’s happening” report and no doubt we will get to writing/marketing advice. First, I do want to comment that I have genuinely received some good, useable tips here. Thanks for that.

I was recently invited to an evangelistic event this past weekend and had a booth for me and my books. I was also invited to sing. Good news and bad news though. Bad news, it wasn’t promoted correctly and incredibly small turn out. More bad news, lots of technical difficulties causing cancellations and delays of preachers, singers, presenters. More bad news, shortage of turn out caused financial difficulties for host who cancelled Sunday’s events after spending thousands already. Whew. Ready for good news? I met some terrific Christians and made some good contacts. Invited to Los Angeles cable TV show and radio program. Met a wonderful archaeologist and his family from Virginia. Sold some books. A guy prophesied over me that I would be doing a book tour and that the “Christians in the Arena” was a new move of God. He was pretty excited about that which made me feel good too. And here is the big news … the archaeologist is Jerry Bowen who has been to the site of Noah’s Ark numerous times on the Turkish border adjacent to Iran. The once buried Ark has risen from earthquakes and has been measured, tested, analyzed and determined to be the real deal. They even had a small piece of petrified wood from the Ark and I constantly encouraged folks to go to the booth and touch it so they can tell their grandchildren “I touched Noah’s Ark”. How many can say that?

My excitement was so obvious to Jerry he gave me what looks like a small rock and he explained the coloration of it shows it was probably a rivet in the Ark, but absolutely from the Ark.

Read the Genesis account from chapter 6 on and then consider this “Hey, Sam has a piece of that Ark!”

I am like a kid at the circus on this. I showed a few people and they looked at me like “Sure Sam, if that’s what you want to believe.” I don’t blame them. If someone walked up to me and show me a rock that looks like it might have come from my driveway and said “Look here, this is from Noah’s Ark” I must admit, I might not get too excited and ask him if he spent anything on it over the internet.

The website of these folks that actually give tours to the Ark is Jerry’s wife picked that name due to the large, flat stones each with a hole at the top they deduced were used as anchors. The Ark had no rudder which makes sense since they certainly didn’t know where they were going. They just wanted to survive the storm. They tied these anchors on both sides (6 or 8, I’m not sure) to prevent the Ark from capsizing from being battered by waves. The anchors helped in another way a little too complicated for me to explain also. Check the website. The man who discovered numerous things died a few years ago and was a great inspiration to Jerry.

“Floody, floody … Arky, Arky … Two-zees, two-zees…” Yeah, I got a piece of that.

Business-wise, I am on the threshold of a Federal bottleneck for every person in America on Medicare. They all have 45 days to switch their drug plan even though all the drug plans are just now getting the information out about their changes in rates and benefits. Also, these new Medicare Advantage Plans are just coming out all over and seniors can try learning about them as well to sign up during the same 45 days from November 15 to December 31. Yep, Thanksgiving and Christmas season. My whole body wants to complain so I’ll stick with Romans 8:28 and be thankful this season while I try to help the nearly 250 clients of mine I need to advise and sign up for the recommended plans during that 45 days. After that, there is a lock-in until next November when everything changes again, etc.

There are restrictions but opportunities for some switching from January thru March in 2007 but not 2008.

I’m still writing though. Really enjoying the unfolding of a story that I am writing – that was Teresa’s tip. And I am reading the book Aaron recommended “How to Grow a Novel” God bless all. I am so enjoying the diversity of gifts and writing styles represented by the Tsaba House authors.

Samuel J Alibrando

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