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A Different Pond

I was fortunate enough to have a book signing event this afternoon at the Naples, Florida location of Barnes & Noble. Very interesting to say the least. It reminded me of a fishing expedition I once took with my son. We packed the car early one morning and headed out with some frozen shrimp and visions of the “big” catch. There were two options. The pier at the Manatee River (salt water) or the pier at the Skyway bridge (salt water). Given that the later cost about $6 we chose the former. Three hours later, half of our shrimp was gone and all we had to show for it was a five inch grunt. We were dejected as you might imagine. On our way off the pier, we saw this fella cleaning his catch at the fillet tables. He was pulling one snapper after another out of his cooler. I asked how he caught them. Cut shrimp was his answer. That was strange because we were using the same bait.

“Where at?” I asked.

“The Skyway,” he answered.

$6 dollars later, our cooler was filled with Spanish mackerel. We also hooked into a large King mackerel and my son pulled up two Ladyfish (similar to a baby Tarpon). Changing venues was the best move of the day. Apparently we weren’t fishing in the right pond!

At my Naples signing, it was like driving over to the Skyway to fish. I met two former CEOs, a former New York Superior Court Judge, and a lady who owns a ranch in Wyoming next to Ted Turner and Jane Fonda. All of them bought my books. The patrons were casting an incredible amount of discretionary income all over the place. People were hooking up with 10 to 15 books without thinking twice. What a sight to see. And what a day to go fishing. Amen!

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