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Cowboys I Know and Love

The song goes, “Mama. Don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys.” However, all three of our grown sons are cowboys, and not the Dallas Cowboy kind either.
My father and maternal grandfather were ranch managers. I spent part of my growing up years on a 60,000 acre Texas cattle ranch, and all our sons are involved in cattle ranching in Texas.
In fact, my husband, Charlie, and two of our sons are working cattle today, October 18, 2006 — much as cowboys did a hundred years ago. I said, “Much As” because a helicopter is being used to aid in gathering the herd.
Since I am also a born again Christian, it is not surprising that I enjoy writing western romance novels with a Chrisitan message. Tsabe House will be reprinting one of my Zondervan western novels titled The Rogue’s Daughter. Rogue takes place in 1890 on a Texas cattle ranch that is much like the one I lived on as a child.
But not all my ancestors were cowboys. Some were French Huguenots.
Sanctuary will be published by Tsaba House in September 2007, the first of three long historicals in the Faith of Our Fathers series. The three historicals trace the route my ancestors took after they left France, traveled to Scotland and finally settled in America.
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Molly Noble Bull

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