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The Prompts of Fiction

by Samuel J Alibrando

Usually I login blogin Friday but alas, here am I on Tuesday evening.

I am seeing the significance of the “WHO” more than what happens. Since beginning on this “Alien Fiction” story and not knowing where I am going I am literally watching it unfold and enjoying it more than “Lost” or “Dancing with the Stars” [although I might not call them stars per se].

I truly believe we all have a much greater imagination than we give ourselves credit for. We stumble, however, on road blocks we build ourselves or believe must be there. For example; I need to understand everything about writing before I start. I should know the story from start to finish before I can go on. I should decide ahead of time the perspective I am presenting in the story and whether the sequence is linear or have flashbacks or maybe even conflicting viewpoints. That I should know this or that, etc.

We impede our progress with self-proclaimed handicaps. I have even wasted time indecisive about what time and for how long I should assign my writing times.

Let’s face it, no matter what we do or how prepared we are, whatever it is we write it is a work in progress. It will get better with crafting and experience but experience never comes from indecision or inactivity.

The more we write, the more ideas we get. The less we restrain ourselves, the more creative we give ourselves permission to be.

Even this blog I will procrastinate feeling I may not have an idea. I’ve even written things and scapped them. But what is it I am thinking that makes me “edit” myself out of a contribution? They are varied [and boring].

I am just barely discovering that fiction writing can be like a child looking at clouds and seeing images appear. We write and ideas appear, characters take shape, plots unfold. It is WAY more fun than I expected.

Take the pressure off yourself and enjoy the creative process. AFTERWARDS, learn the craft, rework the dialogue, change the perspective. Yeah, this is a volume thing; the more you do the better you get. Just like basketball, golf, playing piano or anything else – more time in practicing gives a proportinately greater yield.

I admit though, I wouldn’t mind getting paid what a doctor gets paid for his “practice”.


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