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The Difference Between Rites of Passage and Multiple Personalities May be Slight

By Samuel J Alibrando
OK, whenever I’ve taken those personality tests you refer to Aaron, I am very aware at how different my answers would be at different times of my life and possibly change again in my future. I suppose it isn’t schizophrenia if you have multiple personalities over time as long as it is only one personality at a time. I’m talking years here, not minutes. This is another personality thing that makes me believe I could do well with believable fictional characters.

I have to tell you, I really look forward to this [I wrote good fiction] being the past tense instead of the future tense [I’m gonna write good fiction].

I was working on the fiction story I told Aaron and Jodie [editor] about in Denver but it had played in my head so many times for more than 20 years I couldn’t break out into new territory. Next thing I was happily writing non-fiction in a very philosophical way about a ruthlessly honest approach to truth and it leading me to a convincing faith in God. I thought it would be important for my children and grandchildren but a good testimony for many others as well. I still think it is interesting. It would probably be like a Francis Schaeffer book and be 300-400 pages.

Then I had another idea for getting the fiction going. Why not jump in and start writing on one of my story ideas [I truly do have many] that I hadn’t worked through in my head. I wanted to experiment with Teresa’s idea on letting the story take on a life of its own. I had previously blogged about how that has played out for years for me in music for decades.

Anyway, I just started writing this dialogue between this guy and an alien named Todd. Todd was kind of double-crossing his alien comrades by spilling the beans on their ulterior motives. My earthling is Ray for the moment and he is something of a thinker and suspicious of an alien confiding in him.

It was great for me to see things developing in the conversation. All the cynical comments I make at the movies allows me to try to come up with something more believable; from plots to emotions. The 2nd chapter I started on a group meeting of 10 of the alien leaders orbiting earth.

For now I am calling it “Alien Fiction”. These guys convince most of the world that they are the ancestors/creators of earth and pretty convincing. They are playing a paternal card with fail safe fallback plans that are far from paternal. Todd [the honest alien] will eventually reveal to Ray that they didn’t invent themselves or the earth and these discussions will bring God into the picture from an alien perspective- at least an alien who weighs evidence as more convincing than propaganda. I think I can get away with more using that angle. Not exactly Little House on the Prairie but I have all these previously useless ideas as inventions and futuristic technology that I could implement here as well.

OK, I’ve come out of the closet on this. Whadya think? Too crazy? Maybe I relate to the alien?

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