American Christian Fiction Writers

Thanks for making me feel so welcome. But my name is Molly, not Mary. Molly Noble Bull.
I am a member of a wonderful organization of about 9,000 members called American Christian Fiction Writers, and we meet at a national conference every September. I won’t be able to attend the one this year, but God willing, I will attend in September 2007 in Dallas. However, for those interested, it might not be too late to attend this year’s conference in Dallas. Here is the address.
Even if you don’t write fiction, you will gain a lot just being at the conference because agents, editors and book publishers are everywhere — as well as writers — published and unpublished. Since Sam met me at a book signing in Denver, he must have attended the ACFW conference held in Denver a few years back. Hello, again.
It only costs about $40.00 a year to join ACFW, and for your money, you are allowed to become a member of their e-mail web loop where you will hear from famous Christian authors and writing experts every single day. Since there are so many writers on the loop, I would suggest that you ask to be put on Digest. That way, will receive 25 message at a time instead of 25 to 50 private e-mails — one message at a time.
If you visit the ACFW website, let me know. I would like to know what you think.

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