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Writing Endorphins

by Samuel J Alibrando

First, I wish to publicly welcome Mary Noble Bull to our ranks and look forward to getting to know you better Mary. I only briefly met Mary in Denver at a book signing.

Also, thanks Christopher for tips on posting our photos [Chris helps alot in this type of area and he is new to Tsaba House as well].

Writing has been such an organized way for me to consciously view realities versus the things in my head. So many times what I thought was overwhelming turned out to be just a few things. In my head it was an infinite, relentless loop but once captured on paper it became obvious that it was limited problems that could be solved. I once considered doing seminars on writing for self therapy to help others maybe calling it “Build Your Life with Writing”.

I don’t think my wife will ever truly understand all the many different things I accomplish with writing. Journaling is emotional release but lets pressure off from my head to paper [or a word processor]. I practice both thinking and groping for words. In working with seniors on their Medical insurance and drug plans, I have compiled more than one piece to hand out to simplify what is often considered complicated to them. Whatever I write helps clarify how I think about things too. The net result of clearer thinking is more solutions and the ability to tackle bigger questions that would never have appeared in the fog of confusion.
Thoughtful, conscious living is great practice for any writer. Granted, I don’t know how I would manage without a dictionary or Thesaurus but once a person begins channeling their experiences into something meaningful energy abounds and once useless suffering suddenly can become a source of inspiration.

Certainly I have lived vicariously through characters in movies and rated any movie high if I was tense with confrontations on the screen. I “lived more” because of the story. I deeply desire to find that ability through my own writing. My craving far exceeds my craft but if I begin focusing more of my daily need to think and communicate into creating fiction … I am hoping for results.
Maybe we authors at Tsaba House could start praying for one another and our work. I’ll try some of that tonight.


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A New Tsaba House Author

My name is Molly Noble Bull. I am a native Texan, a wife and mother of three grown sons and a published author, and I will soon be a Tsaba House author as well. Sanctuary, my upcoming novel, is about the Huguenots and will be published by Tsaba House in September 2007.
To learn more about me and my writing, please visit my website.

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