The Power of Stories

Yesterday I sat down with two men at a breakfast appointment. Among other things, one of the questions they asked me was, “Why did you write Rise of The Dibor?”

I talked about the jounrey of writing the book, both as something the Lord put on my heart to do, as well as fulfilling one of the innate qualities the Lord put in me: being a producer.

But when people really press me, I usually end up talking about one of the most personal experiences I had in writing the book…

…the day I almost hit the “delete” key.

Tsaba House had actually called me and offered me a contract over the phone. I prayed about it and then said yes. They said it would be in the mail shortly.

Little did I know they were finishing four books and the mailing of my contract got sidelined. For them, they were swamped. For me, I thought I was forgotten. And in that moment the enemy began whispering to me.

“You’re not really supposed to write fiction.”

“You should really be writing some deep theological works.”

“You are wasting your time.”

Those lies were small at first. Bust as time went on and I didn’t hear back from the publisher, I began to make the worst assumption possible: the voice was the Lord’s.

I kept everything to myself and became so disheartened about my work that one day I opened up the file and my finger hovered over the “delete” key. It was then I heard the Lord…the real Voice…

“Christopher, I love fiction…I used it all the time.”

Truth be told, I broke down, and I didn’t delete the book that day. In that moment I realized that every parable Jesus ever told was fiction. And then it dawned on me how powerful His parables were; they were a highlight of His ministry on earth.

Of course it was the very next day that the CEO of Tsaba House called me personally and apologized for not sending the contract sooner. But honestly, it was all timed by the Lord. The contract arrived by FedEx two days later and I was signed. But I was signed now knowing that it was OK with the Lord that I write fiction.

Now, fast forward to three days ago. Sunday afternoon, right after church, Jennifer and I stopped in to our favorite coffee shop here in town. Standing right in line ahead of us was a very famous movie actor who I have been specifically praying for to meet Jesus, for nearly two years now. After striking up a casual conversation I went out to my truck and brought in a book and some of our CDs. I gave them to him as a “thank you” for the investment of his own art. We talked some more, ministered to him a little, and then said goodbye. I left the place pretty stoked and grateful to the Lord.

It wasn’t until later that night that the Lord spoke to me in the shower (always in the shower)…

“Christopher, he wouldn’t have taken a theological book from you. But he took a story.”

As always, I was in awe.

“Wow,” I said to myself, “God, you’re right!”

And all at once I was so grateful for that day Jesus told me fiction was OK to write. My prayer is that my little parable about Jesus will touch that actor’s heart and bring him to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, sometimes as only stories can.

My hope is that this little story would help someone reading who may be struggling with the same thing I was.

So I say to you…

Jesus really likes fiction.

Thanks for reading,


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