Flaws and Traps

Beside my grammatical challenges (this is where I would just list them but my list looked too similar to the table of contents to the Chicago Manual of Style!), I have a tendency to repeat the following flaws and traps:

1. Over use of narration to set the scenes. I need to focus more on letting the characters themselves set the scene through their own dialogue and action.

2. I don’t turn on the “engine” quick enough in the story. The “engine” is the point of the story where the reader can’t stop reading. I have to keep in mind that the reader is looking for an experience. I need to use more unexpected obstacles to build surprise and thus suspense.

3. Beginning too many ( three or more) consecutive sentences with “He . . . ” or “I . . .” I need to rework the sentence structure to communicate the points differently.

4. The speech patterns of different characters are not distinct enough. This is just practice but a very easy trap for me to fall into when I’m on a roll.

5. I forget to ask myself what the reader would feel after each scene or chapter. After all, I need to keep the reader emotionally involved. They need to be continually experiencing what I want them to experience. If my scene or chapter doesn’t move the ball in that direction, perhaps I need to eliminate it.

I have more but these are what came to mind.

One page at a time,


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