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The Hardest Working Lazy Guy I Know is Me
One of the reasons I normally rise early, work all day and work at night is because I am just being lazy. Yeah, I streamline my database, I work out various software bugs, I file, I reorganize my office, my strategies, my plans for next week and sometimes my goals.
I continue looking forward to the getting just over that peak where it will finally be all downhill. Ah yes, cruise city.

This is all an introduction to me inserting an email I just sent to my fellow Tsaba House authors about my name. I thought it might be an interesting entry for folks to realize that an author, if having the good fortune of being published, must make a decision about … their name.
Should I insert my middle initial? Should I shorten my last name? Should I use the casual or formal version of my first name? etc.
It is pretty bad news if you put out a book or two and then change your mind about something like – your name. It obviously becomes a brand. Well, I have a story and I am simply going to cut and paste what I emailed and maybe expand and edit a little.

Uz althers du ned editerrs to mak us luk lik evin beder althers.

I have a great 2nd cousin who is also from NJ like me. We were raised about 30 minutes from each and neither of our fathers [who were cousins] bothered to mention that we each had a 2nd cousin named Sam Alibrando the same age and all.

At 16 or 17 [that is 1969 or 70], I met a girl at a dance who didn’t believe me when I told her my name. I looked around to see who put her up to this trick because she said my name so effortlessly. She was from Audubon High School and I was from Collingswood High School. When I showed her my drivers license [no photo or even lamination then] she became as perplexed as me. This was the beginning of my inquiries which led to asking my dad who said “I have a cousin also named Sam Alibrando who lives in Mt Ephraim [a half hour from us] and he has a boy also named Sam. Hmm. I think he’s about your age too.”
I looked at my dad in unbelief. “Don’t you think I might have been interested to know there is a guy walking around with my name who lives a half hour from here?”
“Well, I never thought to mention it.”
I am probably making the same face I made nearly 40 years ago right now as I write this.

The upside for a red-blooded young guy was that soon after several of my buddies and I started meeting girls from Audubon High School and the girls naturally knew this relative of mine. So I would introduce myself. “Hi. I’m Sam Alibrando” 🙂
Great ice-breaker.

Turns out my 2nd cousin started doing the exact same thing with girls from my high school.

“Who is this guy using my tricks?”

Since I’m tired I’ll skip these interesting details…

While posing as an Audubon student one day tracking down a gal to invite her to my band practice, I finally met my 2nd cousin Sam. He was friends with a gal I was dating and as I invited her he wanted to come too since he played keyboards. How could I deny him?
Guess what? Our band ended up with TWO Sam Alibrando’s in 1971.

Fast forward. Neither of us were Christians when were in the band together but that changes for both of us separately and unknown to each other til we meet again years later. We both move to California. He marries a gal named Janel, I marry a gal named Janie. We both get better looking with age 🙂

Sounds like some Disney movie, huh?
He has a great wife and two wonderful kids who I feel sick about not visiting more often. I haven’t visited them for a couple years now.
I guess that’s because I am so terribly busy being lazy.

Anyway, he writes a book. That’s the clincher and the point of this story.

His middle initial is Antonio mine is Joseph.

So my dilemma was how to distinguish myself from my 2nd cousin in the literary world. He already had a book out.

Actually I am Sam Jr and he is too but he didn’t use the “Jr”. So I figure if I use Jr. everyone will think I am his son. Bad idea.
The key and the only distinction is my middle initial and consistently using “Samuel”. He goes by Sam A. Alibrando, Sam Alibrando and occasionally Samuel Alibrando. Therefore, please; in all online, printed or any published references to me as an author refer to me strictly as “Samuel J Alibrando”.

That was my decision and that’s my name story.

So if you see anything official that says “Sam J Alibrando” or “Samuel Alibrando” and it is about “Nature Never Stops Talking” or “Christians in the Arena” … it is a little error.

I know it’s a little sticky like saying someone’s name and they keep correcting how to pronounce it. Finally you feel like saying “Can’t I just say it MY way?”

Informally, Sam is OK; but now you understand.

Thank you very much.

Samuel J Alibrando

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