Denver Rain?

I flew into Denver for the 2006 International Christian Retail Show on Sunday, July 9th. To my surprise, it was 59 degrees with rain! I didn’t even bring a jacket. But considering it was already 82 degrees with 110% humidity at 9:00 am in Tampa when I departed, it was somewhat refreshing.

The greatest part for me about the conference is the people. First and foremost are the store owners and employees. God bless them. It is incredibly competitive today for Christian retail stores. As soon as they set up shop (or even if they’ve been there for years), a Super WalMart goes up and a Borders/Books-a-Million/Barnes & Noble (take your pick) soon follows. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for competition. But there’s something different about the customer loyalty and the dedication of the management with these local proprietors. It’s a tough road but I’m glad they are staying the course.

Second are the folks at Tsaba House. It’s truly a family. Literally in both a personal sense and professional sense. What a blessing it is to meet up with them in person at the conference.

Third are the other authors at Tsaba House and the many others outside of Tsaba House who attend the conference. It is such a great opportunity to network and to see what is working and what is not. To share ideas on marketing and writing in general. I always meet new friends and enjoy keeping in touch afterwards.

And lastly are the people in Denver. I enjoyed the World Cup Final by watching it at the ESPNZone located on the 16th street mall. For a “rowdy” group of soccer fans, they were placid at best. Even the employees who work at the many shops located on the 16th street mall were extremely helpful and kind. Denver certainly has a gem in the 16th street mall.

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