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How Fast Is a Blur?

In reading Teresa’s first post, I have to agree. Somehow the “spirit-of-not-putting-the-luggage-away” hit our home, too. I think, in fact, it was just yesterday that my wife threatened me, requiring the suitcase be taken down stairs or else I wouldn’t eat.

The suit case is in the basement now.

Since being in Denver with my fellow authors and wonderful Tsaba House staff, my mind has been a whirlwind of activity. I think the entire trip was in fact a secret ploy by our CEO to generate productivity and cause us each sleepless nights. It worked. Since returning, I have hardly slept and the creative juices are flowing a little too much. Since returning home I:

1.) Started picking up my game in terms of updating my website and making sure it remains current. What an invaluable tool in the right hands! Had my web desginer do up a special little something just for The White Lion Chronicles. (You can see it at: http://www.thewhitelionchronicles.com)

2.) Have started marking my calendar with our NY Border’s Fall Tour Dates. Those should be posted shortly.

3.) Have been introduced to a whole new gambit of authors who, unexpectedly, I have quickly befriended. This has also spurred a new appetite for reading. I think I finished four books in the last two weeks. That in and of itself is a marvel for me. I am greatly encouraged, intrigued, and inspired.

4.) Because of point #3, I am earnestly asking God about “what’s next” after The White Lion Chronicles. He has been placing some amazing desires in my heart, things that I know are truly from Him and not from me. Like Teresa, I hope to be starting a new work soon. More on that to come!

5.) I have been seeking the Lord about ways in which I can impart my love for the arts into the students that I pastor. God gave me a little principle that I try and live by: “Excellence Changes Culture.” I have been brainstorming about how teens can no longer be subjects influenced by culture, but how they themselves can change culture…

6.) …And to that end, a friend and fellow writer here at church and I are starting what has the potential to be a Christian writer’s guild in our little community. That, and I am discussing with my pastor starting “The Artistry,” a church ministry in which we have local professional artists, writers, and musicians begin teaching the next generation and beautifying our county with works donated by the students of our church to the homes and businesses around us.

7.) Somewhere in there I went to France for a youth conference. I don’t remeber July now. Read my blog if you want. 😉 I’m pooped!

All in all, my thoughts and activities are a blur. When we were all discussing doing this blog, we talked about being personable and up front; my only reservation was that if people actually got inside my head for even an instant, they might be shocked at how fast things move in me! >chuckle

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