Off to Denver

The Tsaba House Authors will be converging on the Denver Convention Center, Monday, July 10th, for the annual International Christian Booksellers Convention. Each of us will host a book signing for our latest releases during the four day convention. On Tuesday, July 11th, we are participating in a book signing with a group of other Christian authors at the 16th Street Mall Barnes & Noble in Downtown Denver. If anyone is in the area, please stop in and say hi.

I attended the convention in Denver last summer with my husband, Ralph. He is a marketing machine. He spent his time walking the convention floor, handing out business cards and inviting attendees to my signing.

We had a wonderful time in Denver and plan to do more sightseeing and shopping this year as well. I highly recommend the Gray Line Tour package to the Rocky Mountain Nat. Park. Not cheap, but well worth the cost. We never could have enjoyed the mountains on our own as much as we did from the comfort of a Gray Line Touring Van with a knowledgeable driver and guide to point out things we would have missed.

Hopefully the Tsaba House authors can get together during the convention and nail down this blogging business. Starting the week after we return home, I hope we can begin posting regularly to this blog and letting readers know what we are all up to. Check back often to see what your favorite author is working on, where they are touring, or a peek into their private lives.

See you after the Convention.
Teresa Slack

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